I tend to be a pretty honest person, but I also tend to be a pretty cynical. So as I was looking through my Facebook feed the other day, reading all the sugary comments people had posted, I couldn’t help but wonder what really goes through people’s minds when they are scrolling.  Do they always sit there saying, “Oh, what a sweet person! Isn’t he wonderful? Isn’t she amazing?” Or…perhaps there are times when we have other thoughts. Maybe sometimes our minds wander to the dark side. Let’s admit it! We’ve all had some not so nice thoughts float through our brains while scrolling. And my guess is that everyone has thought at least one or two of the following things:

“How many selfies can one person take?”

“Yes, I get it. We have four more years of this administration.”

“Somebody ought to tell her that she can’t sing.”

“How many ‘Which Star Wars/Disney Princess/Jane Austen/Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer/Sponge Bob character are you?’ quizzes have you taken?”

“Wow, he got old.”

“Not another person having ice water dumped on his head.”

“My daughter is waaaaay prettier than yours!”

“I’m so happy that the latest grammar quiz shows that your grammar is gooder than mine.”

“This is what??? the 4,897th picture you’ve posted of your 2 year old?”

“Wow, she got fat.”

“Really? You are still trying to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is a fake?”

“Oh look, your son got another tattoo. I didn’t think he had any more space left on his body.”

“For the thousandth time, I AM NOT VOTING FOR RON PAUL!”

“He must really be bucking for a good spot in heaven cuz he never posts anything but Bible verses!”

“Those are REALLY short shorts!”

“I thought she dumped him.”

“I thought he dumped her.”

“Wow. (yawn) A picture of your lunch.”

“You must have experienced such extreme hardship on your mission trip to PARIS!”

“Is that a beer in his hand?”

“I don’t care how good you say that green smoothie is for me, I’m not drinking it!”

“How many articles about Obama surfing/golfing/reading a teleprompter, are you going to post?”

“No. Tell me she did not just post a picture of her kid picking his nose.”

“If I see one more photo of someone’s pumpkin spice latte…!!!”

“Is there some deep significance to posting pictures of your shoes?”

“Really? You are proud of your ex-convict, never worked a day in his life brother who has 4 children by 4 different women and never pays child support?”

“Not another cover of ‘Let it go!”

“Why am I following this person?”

“Hey Sarah! How do I block this person?”


P.S. For all of you who have posted 4,897 pictures of your two year old, please keep posting. I love baby pictures!