Stupid, faithless me! I’ve done it again.

I have doubted God’s provision in my life.

As I sit here, about to depart with my youngest son for speech and debate nationals on the opposite side of the country, I realize that God has provided for all of our needs. Again. He has paid for every aspect of this trip. Airfare? Check. Housing? Check. Food? Check. Registration fees? Check. Rental car? Check. He even threw in a little extra so my son and I can squeeze in a nice meal at an after party, a couple of visits to Starbucks, and some other little extravagant treat.

God’s provision has always been a constant in my life. So you would think that by now I would realize this all-important fact:

God is faithful. Always.

So why can’t I remember that? Why is it that whenever a difficulty arises I go into panic mode? “Aaaah! What will I do? How will I get through this? There is no way out! I’m doomed! Aaaaaah! God are you there?”

And of course he is, probably chuckling or sighing at his freaked out, faithless child.

Time and time again God has taken care of me. I’ve always had a comfortable place to live, plenty of food (hence my diet diary,) clothes on my back, lots of creature comforts, and plenty of people to love me. But do I remember that in times of trial? Nopity nopity nope!

When I look back and see how many times God has been faithful and how many times I have doubted his faithfulness it makes me want to smack myself in the head and cry, “Dummkopf!” Because I doubt. I always doubt. But still…

God is faithful. Always.

Like the time our van broke down on the freeway at one o’clock in the morning but God got us to the side of the road just in time to escape being hit by oncoming traffic. And then when the tow truck driver arrived he towed us all the way home and even stopped and bought us juice and candy bars.

Or the time we didn’t have the money to buys gifts for Christmas. And then, lo and behold, an unexpected check arrived in the mail! We were able to buy gifts, not only for our kids, but for our extended family as well.

Or the time I was having difficulty with my third pregnancy and was hospitalized for three weeks in an attempt to prevent pre-term labor. I prayed and asked God to take me to 34 weeks because I had read that babies that make it to that point usually are born without serious problems. And the very day I entered my 34th week my water broke and I delivered a healthy baby boy.

Or the time my first-born child was diagnosed with spinal meningitis and we were told he would probably be deaf, unable to walk, and mentally impaired. And yet today he is completely healed, holds a master’s degree, is about to become a full-fledged CPA, and is engaged to be married.

Yes, God is faithful. Always.

That doesn’t mean things will always go as we plan or as we want, or that we will not experience suffering, but God always carries out HIS plan in our lives to do us good because… He loves us.

And he is faithful. Always.

So often we forget that we are his kids and a loving father always takes care of his children. He has our best interest at heart. Our welfare is his primary concern. And he has shown us his love in the most mind-boggling way: he laid down his life for us so that we might spend eternity with him in glory.

Yes, God is faithful. Always.

Lord teach me to remember this and to trust you…always.


BTW, I will be out of town for the next couple of weeks so I’m not sure if I will find the time to squeeze in a post. And for those of you interested in my Diet Diary and wondering why I haven’t posted an update, what can I say other than…FAIL! But I will start again when I return from my trip. Please remember us in your prayers. Blessings!