About six months ago I took on a new name.

“Uber mom.”

With 4 members of our family working, one of them with a two hour drive into L.A. each day, and one of them also going to school, not to mention my high school student having various activities, plus normal everyday errands, I have done virtually nothing but drive, drive, drive.

On top of the drive, drive, driving, the cars we have to drive are old, old, old, and they break down. A lot.

One night about three months ago I was feeling extremely discouraged. The van had broken down again and was going to cost us beaucoup bucks to fix. That meant we were down a car but still had the same amount of driving to do. And buying another car just wasn’t feasible.

So that night Sarah and I were sitting on my bed having one of our late night talks and I was grumbling about our car problems.

“I’m just so tired.” I told her. “I wish God would do something BIG in our lives! I wish He would give us a miracle, kind of like in that scene in ‘Facing the Giants’ when God gives the football coach a truck. I know things like that rarely happen, but wouldn’t it be amazing if God would do something like that for us?”

Of course, I didn’t believe He would do something like that. Those things only happened in movies, or in other people’s lives, not mine.

Or so I thought.

A week or so after that conversation, I received a letter in the mail that had an unfamiliar return address. After opening it I and discovered that I had some money in a pension plan from a company I’d worked for over 25 years ago. The letter informed me that I had a one-time option to cash it out, but it didn’t tell me how much was in the pension plan. I was excited to know I had some extra money coming my way and I starting hoping that maybe it would be as much as $2,000.

A week later the second letter arrived and this one listed the amount in the account. I couldn’t believe it! The amount in the pension plan was more than enough to pay cash for a practically new car!

I started jumping up and down and yelling, “God’s giving us a car! God’s giving us a car!” This was the answer to my prayer! It was my “Facing the Giants” moment.

A couple months later the check came in the mail. Of course our government took a big chunk of the money, but in the end, we had enough to pay cash for another car, which has turned out to be Sarah’s car. After all, a young girl needs to be safe, so she should be the one driving the newest and safest vehicle. Right? (But we did make the stipulation that when mom has to drive to a tournament or if there is an emergency the car will be available, and my lovely princess agreed.)


As I’ve said in other blog posts, God is faithful. He always comes through for us just when we need it. I’m still going to be somewhat of an Uber Mom, that goes with the territory, but it won’t be so crazy any more.

I hope you have enjoyed my “Facing the Giant” story. Has God given you a miracle that you’d like to share?


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