“Twelve people have read my blog!”

During my first couple months of blogging, having twelve people read a blog post made me happy. I knew that building a successful blog that generated thousands of views would take time, lots of time, and that it may not even happen.

But then it did happen. A few months after starting My 32 Cents I wrote a little blog post called “The 5 Tiers of Homeschooling” and suddenly I had thousands of people viewing my blog.

It was a pretty trippy experience! (Does anyone use the word “trippy” any more?) My family and I gathered around my computer watching my stats rise from 10 to 50 to 100 to 1,000, to 10,000, to 100,000 to almost 200,000 views, from over 150 countries (and the numbers are still growing!) For an aspiring writer that is a golden moment!

But since that time I’ve learned that getting thousands of views is not necessarily the best  measure of success. A more appropriate gauge of my accomplishment is in what I have learned through the journey. And I have learned a lot! Some good, some bad, and though the word is outdated, really trippy!


  1.  Overhearing homeschoolers that I’ve never met discuss my article, “The 5 Tiers of Homeschooling.”  Each time I heard people talking about it this here word slinger wanted to do a little happy dance and shout, “It was me! I invented the tiers! Oh yeah! Uh Huh!”
  2. Having people that I’ve never met approach me timidly and tell me they liked my blog post.
  3. Seeing the names of countries like Zimbabwe, Latvia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, New Caldonia, and Malawi in the stats of people reading my posts definitely made me say “Whoa!” (Confession: I didn’t know there was a country called Malawi. I should have studied geography more when I was a little faun.)
  4. Discovering through nasty, profane commenters that there are quite a few words out there that I don’t know the meaning of. Don’t know if that is a bad or a good thing so I put it in the “trippy” category.
  5. Being called a “rich, white, quasi-intellectual with good hair” that has “tons of shoes” and “hangs out with her popular friends for cocktails at girl bars.” It’s amazing how people peg you from reading one or two blog articles. While I am white, I am not rich, nor am I an intellectual (quasi or otherwise.) My hair is decent for a woman my age (except when I am in humidity and it frizzes so badly I look like a Chia Pet.) I don’t have tons of shoes (most of the ones I have are old and falling apart.) I am an introvert (definitely not the “popular” type) and I don’t go out for cocktails at girl bars (whatever those are) with those supposed popular friends (unless chai latte at Panera with another homeschool mom counts?)
  6. Having people contact me to write for other forums. More golden moments for this aspiring writer!


  1. Despite what I considered to be very convincing reasons that Tim Tebow should marry my daughter, Tim did not contact me to tell me he wanted to marry Sarah. Can you believe it?
  2. Not giving credit for a photo used in a blog post. Oops! Didn’t think that one through. Bad.  Just bad. (Fellow bloggers, always ask permission or at the very least give credit for any photos that you use.)
  3. Being criticized for categorizing people. Interesting to note, no one seems to have trouble with the Briggs Meyer personality test which is, surprise! categorizing in the extreme. Nor do they have trouble with religious denominations, political parties, etc. Let’s face it, we live in a categorical world.
  4. If I make a boo boo in spelling, grammar, or logic everyone knows it.
  5. If I make a boo boo in spelling, grammar, or logic not only does everyone know it, they consider it their duty to tell me about it (I definitely don’t feel like a quasi intellectual in those moments.)
  6. Seeing a blog post that I absolutely love, flop. Kind of makes me want to jump through the internet and grab my non-readers by the collar and say, “Hey! This is a good one! What’s the matter with you!”


  1. Having people tell me that my writing has blessed them in some way. Can’t tell you how that blesses me!
  2. Dear friends who give me encouragement during the rough seasons.
  3. New friends that have contacted me through my blog. Another “Whoohoo!”
  4. Narrowly escaping being killed by my daughter for my blog post that listed the reasons why Tim Tebow should marry her.
  5. Learning to be patient and trust God’s work when a blog post does well or when it does poorly.
  6. Being told I’m funny. Never thought anyone other than me would think I was funny. Kind of nice knowing it’s not totally a figment of my imagination.  (O.K. my husband and kids think I’m funny, but they say the funniest thing about me is that I laugh at my own jokes. So that doesn’t count!)

So, dear, lovely blog readers, thank you for making my first year of blogging such a pleasure. And thanks for sharing the maniacal meanderings of my mind and the erratic pitter patters of my heart. I am looking forward to another rewarding year with all of you!

Much, much love,