Christian homeschool mommy blogs abound! In fact, it often seems that virtually every homeschool mom on planet earth has a blog. In those rare free moments after our kiddos are in bed we sit down at our computers and compose our hearts out. We write about all the wondrous things our amazing kids are doing, filling our blogs with an abundance of smiley faces, interjections, exclamation points, ellipses, worn out Christian cliches, and a detailed account of all the tearful moments of our spiritual journey. You know the type…(yes, I just used ellipses)

“Today was a challenging day for me…as I’m sure my fellow mothers can relate. There was so much to do!!! Twelve loads of laundry (Yikes!), cleaning out the garage (I’m such a pack rat!), planting our latest crop of alfalfa (mmm…alfalfa!!!), making a volcano in the back yard out of baking soda and vinegar (that was a mess!!!), teaching Elizabeth, Hannah, and little Mary Grace (she’s getting so big!!!) how to bake gluten-free bread (the things  we do to eat healthy!!!), and listening to Josiah and Mephibosheth recite 347,000 Bible verses for Awana (working for those blue ribbons and plastic medallions!!!) Does a mother’s job ever stop?!!! And yet… I am so blessed to be homeschooling for Jesus!!! Yes, it’s hard, but I am learning to rely upon God for my strength in times of joy and times of struggle. And I know God will never give me more than I can handle and protect me from the attacks of Satan. He is sooo good to me!!! Father God… be the wind beneath my wings and may I just bring you glory and honor in this incredible journey!!!”

“Blah, blah, blah, I be like nah to the ah to the no, no, no!”

Fellow homeschool moms, your readers, probably soon to be ex-readers, don’t care about  your laundry woes, or Elizabeth’s, Hannah’s, and Little Mary Grace’s eptness with kitchen utensils, or Josiah’s and Mephiibosheth’s agility with memorization. Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Edna might care, but other people aren’t interested. I know I’m not. I’m too busy worshipping at the shrine of my own kids!

Let’s face it, typical Christian mommy blogs, or really most blogs in general, are just rambles of people’s thoughts about the minute and mundane details of their ordinary lives, and no one other than the closest family members find those rambles of interest. A good blogger understands that while blogging is about expressing our own personal ideas and viewpoints on a specific topic, it is mostly about writing something that will interest readers outside of our family circles. Bloggers need to always be asking themselves, “Is this something my readers will enjoy?” rather than, “What do I feel like writing about today?” And they need to remember that blogs are not personal journals where they jot down their every thought. They are public forums and should never be used as vehicles for expressing our emotions or mental meanderings.

To help keep me on track as I blog, I try to remember what I call the 3 E’s of blogging: enlighten, encourage, or entertain.  Enlighten – I attempt to enlighten my readers by offering a fresh perspective on a topic or giving it greater depth so the reader can be more informed. Encourage – I strive to encourage my readers by offering comfort and a bit of bolstering. Entertain – When I’m feeling sarcastic or just a bit silly, I work at writing a blog post that will provide my readers with a few moments of fun and humor. If one of my blog post fails to make my readers think, be encouraged, or simply to add a little joy and laughter to their day, then I have failed in my mission as a blogger.

So, fellow blogger, if after reading this blog post you have discovered that you fall into the Homeschool mommy blogger category, I would suggest making a few changes to your blog. Strive for something better. Think about your readers, and not your own interests. Give them at least one of the 3 E’s when you write. Remember that your blog is about them and not you. And in doing so you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have not fallen into the foul snare of the alfalfa growing, volcano making, bread baking, laundering, homeschool mommy blogger, but instead have reached the status of genuine, bona fide, plain and simple, “blogger.”